Mark Lobdell

Computer Science Major | Intern for Hire

I grew up in Lombard, Illinois, about an hour away from Chicago. Growing up, I loved to play soccer and videogames like Counter-Strike. In highschool, I became interested in tennis and found my passion for coding and computers. I went to the College of Dupage where I played tennis went to nationals my last year. I moved to Texas in 2022 to persue my computer science degree at Austin College.


Galaga Remastered

Galaga is a popular arcade that I remade and added
more content to as my final for a class on game design.

Abstract Zoo

Abstract Zoo is a personal project I made to experiment
with increasing graphics quality as the game progresses.

Personal Website

I coded this entire website using HTML/CSS.
Built and deployed using Github.

Javascript Weather Service

I made a weather service website for my final project
of a HTML/CSS class.